Mashie the birds boring life

(but she's working on making her wings)

that Mashie girl
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Interests: (61)
& never hold back, acquaintancing with unicorns, allowing the freedom, animal-crackers with icecream, artistic looking rooms, avoiding a boy, baking with flowers, barefoot in winter, become flute expert, books to ceilings, braided buns, burn twilight book, catching all starsthatfall, celebrating the lord, color the world, dive in waterfalls, enjoying thunderstorms, enjoying wind, escape my hell, feelings trapped inside, fighting myspace brainwash, fighting twilight brainwash, flowing the cuss-words, forest jogging everyday, going techno headbanging, have daydream adventures, hold a kangaroo, hold too much, icecream in coldness, ignoring makeup-media styles, inspecting dewdrops, inviting birds over, jumping over thehills, jumping with chimps, laugh with death, laughing in badtimes, laughing together at ourstupidety, learning something weird, make some wings, more crazy art, not ignoring homeless, ogoling the windows, one-piece fiesta nights, own an awesomekickassmotorcycle, painting & peeling it, popping some fingers, race with lightning, racing with grocery-carts, ridiculous & cool words, stopping & seeing littlethings, swimming in light, talk more complexidly, telepathically-conversing with nature, travel around skywards, up till 7am, vests in summer, watch supernatural withmycat, write down dreams, write for fairys, yelling in cushions, yogurt & granola mixxed
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